The Brand Finance Global 500 is an annual study conducted by leading brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance. The world’s biggest brands are put to the test and evaluated to determine which are the most powerful and most valuable. Ferrari already ranked number one of the most powerful global brands in 2013 – ahead of the likes of Google, Coca-Cola, PwC, and Hermes – and now it has been crowned once more as the leader of the latest Brand Finance Global 500.

Being a niche, luxury brand with an officially capped production, the Maranello company is some way off being the world’s most valuable. However, its brand rating takes into account its high scores on a wide variety of measures on Brand Finance’s Brand Strength Index, from desirability, loyalty, and consumer sentiment to visual identity, online presence, and employee satisfaction. Brand Finance Chief Executive David Haigh stated: “The prancing horse on a yellow badge is instantly recognizable the world over, even where paved roads have yet to reach. In its home country and among its many admirers worldwide Ferrari inspires more than just brand loyalty, more of a cultish, even quasi-religious devotion, its brand power is indisputable.”

It is always a pleasure to top any list and still more so when the competition includes some of the world’s most famous companies. This achievement proves that even in very tough economic times, Italy can still offer the world businesses of excellence,” commented Ferrari chairman Luca Di Montezemolo. “Behind this acknowledgment are exceptional products made by equally exceptional men and women. They made it possible and for that I thank them.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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