The festive season is a time to celebrate and enjoy life’s pleasures, even better if they satisfy the eye as much as the palate. This is the hedonistic attitude that led some of the most famous Italian fashion houses to pair with the producers of excellent Italian food & drinks in order to create signature desserts and elegant special editions.

Roberto Cavalli partnered with the Tuscan haute chocolaterie La Molina to develop a line of fine chocolate available at Cavalli Caffé. The line includes biscuits, chocolate bars, and spreadable creams. There are also thirteen different handmade pralines assorted in dedicated boxes that invite to experience the different consistencies, creating taste harmonies and contrasts.

While Trussardi collaborated with Disaronno to create the ‘Disaronno Wears Trussardi’ Limited Edition. Italian tradition, innovation, and elegance are just some of the values shared by the two brands. These values have been embraced in the Limited Edition, where Trussardi’s typical texture is combined with the greyhound monogram and the unmistakable shape of the Disaronno bottle, with fuchsia, green, and light blue brush strokes framing the signature label.

Armani, on the other hand, to celebrate this holiday season offers a taste of authentic flavors, created with refined craftsmanship and unique raw materials for this special collection. A bright red paper with metallic tone-on-tone highlights envelops the panettone and pandoro elegant gift boxes, as well as the boxes of pralines, chocolate squares, dragées and marron glacé, creating a refined combination of shades of red. A grosgrain ribbon with the Armani/Dolci logo in gold completes the packaging.

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