Today, July 12th, the solo first exhibition in Germany of the extraordinary Carrara marble works of the famous sculptor Fabio Viale (1975) will be inaugurated at Glyptothek Museum in Munich. The beautiful, imposing, and inspiring works have been brought to Munich by the Consulate General of Italy with the help of the Italian Cultural Institute and the support of Galleria Poggiali, and they will remain on show until September 30th.

This is a monumental project which extends into the Königsplatz in front of the museum, where a work of contemporary art, namely the Laocoön, is installed for the very first time. Accepting the invitation of the Glyptothek Museum to establishing a parallel between different ages through the comparison of marble works of unparalleled value and different poetics, the artist  exhibits new versions of works that characterized his career: eleven works, most of them of large dimensions, represent Viale’s entire field of exploration (including Stargate, Aeroplane, Orbital, the Nike of Samothrace, Infinity, Door Release, Venus Italica, and Anchor).

The exhibition allows to appreciate the exceptional quality of Viale’s works while experiencing the perceptive disorientation triggered by the marble disguised as wood, rubber tire, styrofoam, or plastic and abandons its aura to become a ground for the clash between classical beauty and contemporary tattoos.
A catalog with essays by Christian Gliwitzky and Sergio Risaliti has been published for the occasion by the Glyptothek Museum.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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