From March, the Bolognese producer of Amarena will launch a range of blended coffees and teas

Since 1905, Fabbri produces bases and ingredients for gelato, powder bases for frozen yogurt, ingredients for pastry chefs and baristas and products for consumers. Mostly famous to the public for its Amarena – sour cherry – it will soon enter a new sector. In March, with the ‘Alta Caffetteria‘ – High Coffee Shop – it will launch a range of coffee and tea ‘recipes’.

That is a menu of exclusive coffees and teas enriched and mixed with syrups, liqueurs, creams, and toppings.

The recipes are created by Vittorio Agosti and Gianni Cocco, two of the best Italian experts in the sector.

The intention is to claim the Italian character of “enriched” coffees, despite a trend that seems to come from the US – Starbucks in the first place. In fact, the names of the recipes will recall the Belpaese and its ‘dolce vita’. Nicola Fabbri, CEO of the Bolognese company, said: “From the Piedmontese ‘bicerìn’ to the Neapolitan nocciolino’, Italy is known for its tradition of blended coffee. 20 years ago, in the US, we were already offering coffees blended with our syrups coffee. Which we brought back to Italy, introducing them as ‘Marocchini’ or ‘Mocaccini’. They are real coffee cocktails that today see incredible growth.” Adding that “Starbucks has, however, the merit of having finally awakened the consciences of our bartenders and encouraged them to dare more and to use their imagination.”

The project will debut in Italy, and then expand to the rest of the other 100 countries in which the Fabbri’s product are already present.

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