Many online itineraries allow you to appreciate the art, culture, and beauty one of this amazing region

While we wait to organize our next trip to one of the most artistically and culturally rich Italian regions, we can start appreciating a lot of it from home. has prepared a comprehensive list of online resources that lead us to the discovery of Emilia Romagna.

bologna-sky-roofsThe list is constantly updated, but here are some highlights that can be enjoyed even in English:

– On it is possible to tour the lovely historic center of Reggio Emilia. The website is an online map with several thematic itineraries. It allows viewers to select many different locations and explore them through 360° images.
Discover Baroque Art is a virtual museum created as part of the European Museum With No Frontier project that can be fount at It is dedicated to Baroque works of art present in some European countries, including Italy and, specifically, Bologna and its territory.
– Through its website,, Bologna University offers virtual visits to some of its most renowned. The service offers 360-degree panoramic images and internal views of locations such as Aula Magna di Santa Lucia, Palazzo Poggi, the Botanical Garden, Palazzo Hercolani and San Giovanni in Monte.
– Thanks to the 360° panoramic images on, it is possible to visit Ravenna and admire its UNESCO sites and monuments.
– The website offers four different itineraries to explore the city of Rimini through interactive maps. They present the major sites of the ‘Roman’ period and those of the ‘Medieval and Renaissance’ ones. There is also an itinerary dedicated to the great director Federico ‘Fellini’. While the ‘Inland’ itinerary leads the viewer to the many beautiful fortresses that are on the hills of the Rimini area.

(Ilona Catani Scarlett)

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