The Italian National Tourism Agency launched its new Virtual Exhibitions portal celebrating 100 years of promotion

Established in 1919, the Italian National Tourism Agency (Enit) promotes Italy and its beauty abroad striving to raise the quality and quantity of tourist flows. With the creation of a global network, the Agency carried out its task by creating advertising campaigns designed by the best designers of the 30s-40s-50s and strategic alliances with important state bodies of the tourism sector. It also promoted competitions and photographic campaigns to document Italy’s beauty. Its new Virtual Exhibitions portal is a global meeting point for the enhancement of the institutions’ cultural heritage of the institution, which is intimately connected to the Italian one.

From marketing to advertising, from industry publications to supporting the arts and national culture, Enit has always been ahead of its time. Today, once again, it organizes its initiatives using the latest technologies and conveying its message through every communication channel. This is how is born. The portal has a dual function. It is a 3D virtual and interactive multimedia exhibition environment where the institution’s cultural heritage can be set up and promoted. But it is also a navigation platform to research the historical archive, whose cataloging work is still in progress.

The Agency inaugurates this virtual space with the exhibition titled ‘Enit and Italy. A great story’, which is the result of an articulated approach to recover its history and increase its value.

The exhibition is the result of the work to recover the history of the Agency. This began, in 2019, on the occasion of the centenary with the publication of the volume ‘Promoting Beauty. Enit: one hundred years of cultural policies and tourism strategies for Italy’. The aim is to present, digitally and interactively, the work done by the institution in the construction of the country’s image. The virtual experience thus becomes a tool to convey in a widespread way the message behind the mission of Enit: the promotion of Italy.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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