On June 11, the Ferrari Museum in Maranello hosted the presentation of Emilia 4, the first 100% made in Italy hi-tech solar electric car with four seats designed and by the University of Bologna with Scm Group as part of the “Onda Solare” (solar wave) project coordinated by Cristiano Fragassa. The other partners taking part in the project are the CINECA Supercomputing Centre and the Emilia-Romagna Region, which financed it with European Regional Development Funds (POR FESR).

The 4-seater is 4.6 meters long, 1.8 wide, 1.2 high, and its aerodynamic carbon bodywork is covered by 5 square meters of highly-efficient photovoltaic panels with a total of 362 silicon cells and a nominal power of 1,200 W. With its two engines on the rear wheels and an unladen weight of 230 kg (including lithium batteries), Emilia 4 can carry 4 people and 2 bags (360 kg) and, at an average cruising speed of 50-60 km, could virtually travel without ever stopping to be recharged, however, without sunlight it has an autonomy of just over 600 km, which sets a record in the green mobility sector.

Gian Luca Fariselli, Scm Group Communication Director, said that it is the duty of the industry to promote research, “not only for business purposes but also, and above all, for the common good.” With this in mind the Rimini group supported the two-year-long project as technological partner and sponsor making the carbon body molds, involving 40 researchers and their CMS Advanced Materials center, which represents the world-class excellence in the processing of composites and aluminum for automotive and aerospace, and whose technologies are now used by brands such as FCA, Toyota, Tesla, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Ferrari.

The Italian solar car will be the only European contestant of the American Solar Challenge, the race that from July 14 to 22 will see 32 international university teams competing with their solar-powered prototypes on the Oregon Trail, 3,500 kilometers from Nebraska to Oregon, one of the oldest routes of land migration in the North American continent.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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