The young, creative designer uses her imagination to create a display bedroom for a Milanese store

For the first time, Ikea Italia invites an external designer to create a display room for its products. And to do so they chose Elena Salmistraro. One of the most original and appreciated names among the new generation of Italian designers, she is known for her eccentric and colorful style.

Elena Salmistraro

All of which, she transposed in the cheerful and ironic room she created. The name of the colorful and lively bedroom is ‘Anticamera dei sogni‘ (antechamber of dreams). And it will be visible until the end of September in the San Giuliano Milanese store of the Swedish company.

The immediate sensation is to be catapulted into an animated and fantastic, almost psychedelic world.

Ikea is a brand that has made being a source of inspiration the strong points in its production and consequently in the narration of its own products. Always guaranteeing functionality and accessibility,” said Salmistraro. She imagined the installation to be the bedroom of a young creative woman, Sveva, who has just moved to Milan to work in graphic design. “Passionate about art, fashion, and cultures, she draws inspiration for her works from travels and then wraps them with fantasy, color, and strong symbolism.

The bedroom’s walls and floor are decorated with a geometric and graphical pattern, mixing shades of orange, pink, and blue. The dark contours add a pop and psychedelic effect. These colors define also the checkerboard carpet and the double bed. Tropical plants are the only natural element. Perfectly in line with her creative world, on one wall, Salmistraro created a giant face using mirrors, shelves, and lights. 

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