For 2021, the island has organized a tourist season that has as protagonist its most illustrious guest

Elba is ready to dedicate its 2021 to the memory of Napoleon Bonaparte, who died on May 5th, 1821. The French statesman has certainly been the most illustrious guest of the capital of the Tuscan Archipelago. The Allies exiled him there in May 1814 and gave him sovereignty over the island. In February 1815, he escaped and returned to France. In those ten months, he created a small navy and army, developed the iron mines, oversaw the construction of new roads, issued decrees on modern agricultural methods, and overhauled Elba’s legal and educational system. Thus, he definitely left an indelible mark on the island’s history.

Throughout the year, Elba will offer meetings, visits, concerts, tastings, itineraries to discover the traces of the Emperor. All to allow guests to immerse themselves in history and relive the atmosphere of the time. “With European associations such as the European Federation of Napoleon Cities and Destinations and Route Napoleon, we are creating international synergies on this important anniversary. Thanks to the collaboration of all the municipalities and festivals of the island, we developed a program that brings to light the great heritage of Elba, which still offers a lot to be discovered.” These are the words of Niccolò Censi, Coordinator of the Island of Elba’s Tourism Association.

Elba will offer meetings, visits, concerts, tastings, itineraries to discover the traces of the Emperor

The calendar of initiatives is constantly updated on the website There are the Emperor’s places to visit, starting from his first residence, Palazzina dei Mulini, and the summer residence in the hinterland, Villa San Martino. There is also a Napoleonic passport that includes the ten most important Napoleonic stops. After each visit, visitors can ask the staff to give them a stamp certifying their journey. Once all the stamps will be collected, there will be a surprise in the Visit Elba points. In the program, there are also trekking and bike rides in the footsteps of Napoleon, food, music, meetings, and even reenactments in the name of Bonaparte.

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