Buildings’ facades  become maxi screens to enjoy great movies together each from their home

Italians keep to their homes, but their resourcefulness and joie de vivre is unstoppable. The lock-down has not deterred their desire to enjoy good things together. Thus, if they cannot go to the cinema with their friends, they turn buildings’ facades into maxi screens; they turn streets into outdoor cinemas. In this way, can watch movies together even if they all stay in their homes.

The idea took off thanks ‘Alice nella Città‘ (Alice in the city). This is the autonomous and parallel section of the Rome Film Festival, dedicated to the younger generations directed by Gianluca Giannelli and Fabia Bettini. They decided to project a list of popular movies, ranging from ‘Pulp Fiction’ to ‘Aristocats, on the walls of the capital’s buildings. The name of the initiative is ‘Cinema Da Casa’ (cinema from home) and it has already caught on in many cities including Florence, Bologna, and Bari.

Every evening, the appointment is at 10 pm for very ‘special’, and silent, screenings of a feel-good movie, a classic title or an Italian vintage-pop one. The walls of the buildings, beyond which entire families remain closed turn into a huge screen for movies that have fascinated us most.

Moreover, ‘Alice nella Città’ invites everyone to take part in the initiative projecting, without audio, sequences of their most loved movies.

To those who do not own a projector, ‘Alice nella Città’ suggests asking for their favorite movie to be screened. Subsequently, images of the facades with movie scenes on them are shared on social media with the #CinemaDaCasa hashtag.



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