On May 9th, Maria Grazia Chiuri will play at home with a fashion show in Piazza Duomo

Maria Grazia Chiuri, creative director of the French fashion house Christian Dior, has her roots in the heel of the Italian boot. Indeed, the first time she heard about fashion was in a small tailoring shop owned by her parents in Tricase, in the province of Lecce. And that is exactly where the 2021 Cruise Collection of the brand will appear for the first time in public. As Chiuri decided with Dior’s President and CEO Pietro Beccari, the fashion show will take place in Lecce Piazza Duomo on May 9th. Initially, the show was scheduled for May 27th, but Dior decided to anticipate it. Probably to facilitate the guests that on May 25th will be attending Chanel’s fashion show in Capri, in the province of Naples.

Cruise collections are becoming an increasingly significant phenomenon in the world of fashion.

Originally, they were collections presented in spring with garments intended for those who went on holiday in exotic places during winter. Recently, they are presented a few months before the main prêt à porter collections, outside the traditional fashion weeks and are intended for markets with more accessible tastes. They usually propose looks that can be worn every day. These pre-spring collections are often important for brands. They fill the commercial gap between the sales of the previous season collection and the arrival in stores of the following one.

Dior’s choice represents a great milestone for the city of Lecce. In fact, the fashion house presented Chiuri’s previous cruise collections in Los Angeles, Chantilly, and Marrakech. Carlo Salvemini Mayor of Lecce wrote on Facebook: “In the coming months, we will work alongside Dior, the curia, and Prefecture to guarantee the full success of this extraordinary event.”

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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