The winner of the David di Donatello 2018 for Best Film is ‘Ammore e malavita‘ (Love and Underworld). The Neapolitan musical by the Manetti brothers set in Naples, interpreted by Giampaolo Morelli, Claudia Gerini – who won the David for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ -, Serena Rossi, and Carlo Buccirosso, received 15 nominations and won 5 David, including the one for ‘Best Score’ to Pivio and De Scalzi. With music, action, love, and bullets as main ingredients, the Manetti brothers tell a powerful story in which not even the underworld can stop love. The young Jonas Carpignano received the David di Donatello for ‘Best Director‘ for his touching ‘A Ciambra’, produced also by Martin Scorsese and set in the Gypsy community of Gioia Tauro. Awards also for Jasmine Trinca – ‘Best Actress’ in ‘Fortunata’ -, and for Renato Carpentieri – ‘Best Actor’ in ‘La Tenerezza’ -,  and Giuliano Montaldo – ‘Best Supporting Actor’ in ‘Tutto quello che vuoi’.

The evening has been strongly focused on raising awareness about ‘Dissenso Comune’ – the Italian equivalent of the #metoo movement -, with the actresses who paraded on the red carpet with the badge of the movement and with Paola Cortellesi, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Jasmine Trinca, Sonia Bergamasco, Serena Rossi and Isabella Ragonese who recited the disturbing phrases most commonly addressed to women. Among the international guests Steven Spielberg, in Italy for the promotion of his ‘Ready Player One’, received a special award presented by Monica Bellucci, and Diane Keaton. A special David also for actress Stefania Sandrelli.

The winners of the main categories:

Best Film – ‘Ammore e Malavita’
Best Director – Jonas Carpignano, ‘A Ciambra’
Best New Director – Donato Carrisi, ‘La ragazza nella nebbia’

Best Actress – Jasmine Trinca, ‘Fortunata’
Best Supporting Actress – Claudia Gerini, ‘Ammore e Malavita’
Best Actor – Renato Carpentieri, ‘La tenerezza’
Best Supporting Actor – Giuliano Montaldo, ‘Tutto quello che vuoi’

Best Original Screenplay – ‘Nico, 1988′
Best Screenplay – ‘Sicilian Ghost Story’
David Giovani – ‘Tutto quello che vuoi’

Best Documentary Feature – ‘La lucida follia di Marco Ferreri’
Best European Film – ‘The Square’

Best Foreign Film – ‘Dunkirk’

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