Massimo Bottura and other  great chefs help Condé Nast to nominate Italy’s culinary tradition as UNESCO Cultural Heritage

La Cucina Italiana‘ launched a project aimed at supporting the universal value of Italy’s gastronomic culture. With the July issue, the magazine starts a series of six collectible editions that will constitute the candidacy of ‘Italian cuisine‘ as a UNESCO element of intangible cultural heritage. Each issue until December will be endorsed by one of Italy’s great chefs who will become an ambassador for Italian cuisine across the world. Each issue will read like an application form for the coveted recognition. And in it, each chef will talk about their food culture, their local area, and the supply chain. The content will include recipes adapted for home cooks and stories that illustrate how the cuisine is crucial in sculpting the Italian identity.

World-famous Chef Massimo Bottura is at the helm of the first of the six collectible editions. He appears on the cover of the July issue portrayed by French artist JR. This is a signal of how the whole world already embraces Italy’s culinary traditions. Inside the issue’s 164 pages, Bottura invites readers into his home and his kitchen. And, telling his story, he reveals what his brigade eats with a series of memorable recipes. The issue also features industry experts, from farmers to producers, as well as historic interviews, such as those with Andrea Illy and Giuseppe Lavazza. The two big players in the Italian coffee sector come together for the first time to talk about a common goal.

From North to South, our peninsula is rich with culture, history, and innovation. It’s important to join forces,” stresses Massimo Bottura. “I would like people to stop saying Modena or Bologna, and instead Modena and Bologna. Together, we can achieve anything. I dream of having Italian cuisine recognized as a UNESCO intangible cultural asset.

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