Cibo, the artist

Fascist mottos and swastikas have no place on the walls, Italian street artist Cibo (Italian for ‘food’) from Verona covers them and turns hate into pleasure by painting in their places images of delicious food. He does introduce himself with his real name and he has been a street artist for 22 years, but 11 years ago, following the murder of a friend of his by a group of Nazis, he decided to become Cibo.

Cibo’s works of are much more than simple murals that celebrate the Italian culinary tradition, they are real messages of beauty and harmony that aim to erase not only unsightly graffiti but negative ideas and words from society. His battle began in the province of Verona over 10 years ago and over time his fame has become international. With his creative mind and expert hand, he adds taste and beauty in many cities with beautiful murals depicting the best of Italian food and the Mediterranean diet. Italy is a land of food excellences and the local cuisine always provide Cibo with abundant inspiration. However, in an interview with SnapItaly, he said that he sometimes encounter difficulties and his wall paintings get ruined in retaliation by the Neo-Fascists. According to Cibo, public art is there to ask questions and it’s up to each individual to give her/his answers. He also points out how the fact that is art is changing things in his city by constituting a concrete barrier against mural hatred is certainly food for thoughts.

In the future, he plans to continue his colorful endurance but also to work on other “tasty” projects off the wall including packaging, board games, paintings, and sculptures. In his words: “Balance is a matter  of constant movement and I can’t stay still!”

Pics from the official Facebook page

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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