Campari has landed in Venice as main sponsor for the 75thVenice International Film Festival of La Biennale di Venezia.

With the aim of confirming its ever-stronger bond with the world of cinema, Campari has chosen to join the well-known film festival that aims to promote the widespread knowledge of international cinema as a form of art, entertainment and industry, in the spirit of freedom anddialogue.

Campari often chooses the medium of film as a means of communication to give a futuristic depiction of the essence of an iconic brand that has given birth to one of the most famous Italian apéritifs in the world. The union of Campari and the silver screen has been substantiated in unique collaborations with internationally famous directors and actors in innovative storytelling campaigns that depict the brands rich history. 

Following the common theme regarding everything that originates from passion – inspiration, ambition, desire, and creation – Campari has joined the Venice International Film Festival with the desire to express its eclectic personality through a true Campari experience.

The iconic brand will be present at the Lido in a Lounge near the Red Carpet, in addition to other dedicated spaces in the most representative Festival venues, proposing an apéritif in perfect Italian style for guests to enjoy, discover, taste and share.

A place open to the combination of fine arts, Campari Lounge will be integrating with the surrounding architectural fabric and paying homage to the decorative exuberance of Venice thanks to the use of precious materials and the incorporation of natural elements such as water and light. The experience aims to make the guests the protagonists, welcoming them along a red carpet, just like in the movies.

Alongside the Artistic Direction, Campari will promote the incredible contribution made by the director’s closest collaborators to the artistic vision of each film, thus giving life to the Campari Award “Passion for Film. In fact, only occasionally do cinematographers, composers and screenwriters see their contribution duly recognised, despite their contribution to the quality of the final result. “Passion for film” will award each of these figures in turn, as not just artisans but artists and co-authors of the works to which they dedicate their invaluable talent.

Lastly, the iconic red Campari cocktails will be accompanying guests on the occasion of the Venice Film Festival opening and closing ceremonies, as well as at the most exclusive events that will be animating the city over the course of ten days, where art, passion, and creation will be the guiding values.

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