A unique viewpoint on the majestic beauty of the Abruzzo National Park and the chamois that live there 

A breathtaking natural amphitheater lies within the Abruzzo National Park. It is called Camosciara and it owes its name to the large population of chamois that lives here. This natural wonder is located between Pescasseroli and Villetta Barrea, in the province of L’Aquila. Nevertheless, with its spires and jagged ridges of white and gray rock, it is very similar in structure and appearance to the Alpine Dolomites.

Because of the extraordinary beauty of its landscape, the chamois oasis is one of the areas of the Park that tourists love the most. However, it is also one of its most secret places because part of it can not be visited. In fact, Camosciara extends downstream to the Sangro river and there it becomes part of the Integral Natural Reserve area.

This aims to preserve this environment’s whole naturalistic values excluding any human activity and intervention.


Also, the inaccessible peaks allowed the survival of the Abruzzo chamois and the Marsican bear, today a symbol of the Park Authority.

No cars are allowed in Camosciara, but it is possible to enjoy the natural beauty of Camosciara. There are  several options to get to the upper part were the waterfalls area: train, horse, bike, or on foot. All of them allow being in direct contact with nature and immersed in all its majestic beauty. The footpath reaches the waterfalls of the Nymphs and the Three Spouts, through a beech forest.

Along the entire route, there are information points with small panels that illustrate naturalistic, historical, and landscape characteristics of the area. It is also possible to take advantage of multiple services like picnic areas with fire points and guided excursions. Throughout the oasis, it is likely to see the chamois that overlook the rocky cliffs and that reach the torrent to quench their thirst.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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