Until December 8th, Naples celebrates Bud Spencer, one of the great protagonists of Italian cinema born there

Bud Spencer and Terence Hill

Carlo Pedersoli (1929-2016), aka Bud Spencer, is an icon of Italian cinema. His face, his voice, his extraordinary gestures are now part of the collective imagination shared by generations and have become a familiar character at an international level. Even if few know that he chose his stage name as a combination of his favorite beer, Budweiser, and actor, Spencer Tracy.

Italy remembers him with a great exhibition opened until December 8th at the Sala Dorica of Palazzo Reale, one of the most prestigious exhibition spaces in Naples, the city where Pedersoli was born. Dedicating this exhibition to him will not only be the way to celebrate the career of one of the protagonists of international cinema, but it will also be an opportunity to give a full picture of this great interpreter of Italian cinema.

The multimedia exhibition recounts, step by step, his life: from his initial sporting activity as a swimming athlete, to that of an actor of multifaceted and tireless creativity that led him to play many different roles: entrepreneur, sherif, pilot, writer, composer, singer, inventor to mention a few.

Bud Spencer – Mostra Multimediale’ also recounts the world that moved around this great character: from his extraordinary partner Terence Hill to the directors with whom he worked: Steno, Olmi, Festa Campanile, Montaldo, Colizzi, Clucher, Argento, Castellari, Deodato, Capone.

The exhibition, narrated by Bud Spencer’s voice, wants to be a journey into the world of the actor with multimedia systems, video mapping, projections on panels, props, Italian and international awards he received both as an artist and as a sportsman, newspaper articles from around the world, posters, movie posters, original sketches, public and private photos, gadgets, and much more.

The exhibition is curated by Umberto Croppi, co-produced by Equa and Istituto Luce-Cinecittà with the support of SIAE – Italian Society of Authors and Publishers and the collaboration of his family: his wife Maria Amato and their children Giuseppe, Cristiana and Diamante Pedersoli.

Photos from budspencerinmostra.it

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