In 1930, Antonio Grioni carried on his father’s confectionery business, and with Agostino Panigada and Giovanni Cova, decided to home-make the “Panettone” cake following the old Milan recipe, according to the deep-rooted Milan tradition. In order to confirm and underline the superiority of their “deluxe panettone”, they made advertising posters illustrating the fascinating history of “Panettone”, which has ever since been surmounted by an impressive kingly crown. That crown is still shining brightly on the “BRERAMILANO1930” Brand, “unaltered in its tradition though undergoing continuous evolution, as evidence that true excellence lasts over time”.

The Christmas Collection for 2018 is a cradle of 7 impressive collections: SATINATI Collection, MILANO Collection, I NOBILI Collection, RICORDI Collection, ORO Collection, I DEDICATI Collection, and SPECIALITÀ (Nougat and Candied Chestnuts).

BRERAMILANO1930 gives great importance to the presentation of its products because the love and devotion with which each pastry and confection is made are the same with which they are hand wrapped. With the MILANO Collection, for example, BRERAMILANO1930 wants to acknowledge the Company’s history and tradition. For this reason, the traditional panettone, traditional pandoro, and ofella cakes are hand wrapped with a line of wrapping paper which, from the stylistic point of view, draws inspiration from the patterns that were created for its collections in the thirties. The colors are modern, the materials are up-to-date while keeping their previous characteristics. The new wrapping paper, then, is quite strong, rough to the touch, just to remind us of the feel of uncoated paper similar to the one used in the old pastry shops. The same patterns are impressed on gift boxes, tins, and hatboxes that contain traditional panettone up to 10kg.

The RICORDI Collection celebrates the collaboration between BRERAMILANO1930 and  Ricordi Historical Archive, custodian of the works of the greatest Masters of Melodrama, turning the spotlight on the value of Italian culture and music.

The breath-taking and memorable illustrations dedicated to the Italian Opera by illustrators who caught the splendor, the passion, and indulgence of its time – such us Metlicovitz, Dudovich, Cappiello, Terzi, and Laskoff – conserved in the Ricordi Historical Archive embellish the packaging of the confectioneries. Sketches, magazines, costumes, Opera Librettos, posters, scores, covers, are at the origin of the diverse iconic images highlighting and characterizing different panettone flavors; and specifically for the international market BRERAMILANO1930 created a collectable tin with the image of Madama Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini (which will also be distributed in Italy under the BRERAMILANO1930 label). Moreover, a little book paired with each Panettone or Pandoro will be included in the packaging to illustrate the historical and iconographic value of the collection.


Ilona Catani Scarlett

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