Rocco Forte Hotel Group celebrates the reopening of one of its flagship facilities, Hotel Savoy: one of the historic venues of prestige hospitality returns to shine in Florence

Inspired by the Italian Renaissance, a creative force flows through the Savoy Hotel’s rooms and halls. Located in the authentic heart Florence, it is the pride of the Rocco Forte Hotels brand. The prestigious location, founded 125 years ago, was officially and honorifically renamed April 13th and has undergone meticulous restoration and renovation to amplify the building’s quality, offering guests a one-of-a-kind, unique and exclusive experience. Project design leader Olga Polizzi decisively set out to fully exploit the Savoy Hotel’s immortal elegance, starting from the Renaissance motifs, reinterpreted by skilled craftsmen with an eye for contemporary taste. An aesthetic and cultural continuity for the whole renovation was tied together through the purposeful collaboration with world-famous Florentine fashion house Emilio Pucci. Brand Image Director and daughter of the founder Emilio, Laudomia Pucci worked closely with Olga Polizzi to create a truly formidable new environment. Laudomia is also a former hotel spokesperson for the “Rocco Forte City Insiders” program.

A bright pink and turquoise blue scarf paying homage to the Savoy and its privileged position on Florence’s Piazza della Repubblica, was designed in classic Pucci style by Laudomia for the occasion, printed with an image of Brunelleschi’s Cathedral. There is a continuous Pucci style throughout the main hall where printed cushions and furnishings repeat a harmonious fusion of Renaissance motifs combined with a pop art spirit. The modern and sophisticated appearance of the hotel lobby is made even more delightful by a hand-tufted carpet with Emilio Pucci’s iconic “Lamborghini” print in shades of pink, gray, white and black. The fluid, predominately white space is punctuated by colorful artistic and design elements, among which are the eye-catching Luca Pignatelli paintings. “It’s wonderful to see how many Florentine artisans still work to create their masterpieces,” said Polizzi. The interior design combines pieces of furniture by local artisans and premium Italian brands, including tables by Il Bronzetto, chairs and mirrors from the Chelini Firenze workshop and C & C Milano fabrics. “Several commissions have been entrusted to the city’s artisans, a beautiful experience that I hope will make the hotel feel truly Florentine”, concluded the designer.

In addition to rethinking the shared lobby areas, Olga Polizzi has also developed a completely new look for the rooms and suites. Reduced from 102 to 80, many of them have been completely renovated and expanded to offer guests a more luxurious and spacious experience. The Savoy’s fifth-floor exclusive duplex suite, overlooking the rooftops of Florence, Giotto’s Bell Tower and Palazzo Vecchio and the new 153-square-meter Cathedral Presidential Suite, in a private wing of the hotel with an exclusive view of Brunelleschi’s dome, are the hotel’s jewels.

Through this majestic renovation, Hotel Savoy begins a new chapter in its history as a modern and refined expression of luxury hospitality. The Florentine gem of the Rocco Forte Hotels presents itself to the world as the reference point for high-end travel, reaffirming the role of Florence as a world destination with a lively contemporary scene and the undisputed cradle of Italian fashion.


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