Bologna is one of the culinary capitals of Italy and this is where Laura Orabona decided to open her start-up, ‘Italian BreakPast‘, a new concept in street food that brings together the tradition of the highest quality handmade pasta, delicious pastries, and the convenience of a takeaway kiosk.

Orabona loves cooking: “Since I was a teenager I have always had a great passion for cooking, and especially for traditional cuisine. My love for food began in my grandmother’s house. She taught me how to cook and with her, I developed the idea that one day I would have my own culinary enterprise. For many years it was only a dream, but over time I managed to make it come true. At 16, I left school and immediately started working in a restaurant. I then had various experiences in different places, but I always had the idea of opening an establishment of my own.” An experience in Miami gave her the opportunity to appreciate the convenience that takeaway restaurants offered to their customers, and she had the idea to pair it with Italian traditional recipes and high-quality products.

‘Italian BreakPast’ is now a reality: an open kitchen establishment in the center of Bologna: “Customers can see with their own eyes how dishes are prepared,” Orabona says. Ten different types of handmade pasta – including a non-pasta option, spaghetti made with courgettes and carrots – are combined with a choice of eight sauces – traditional recipes from all over Italy – and six possible additions – ranging from mortadella cubes to Parmesan cubes with balsamic vinegar.

Great care also goes into offering a generous and genuine breakfast with selected blends of coffee and teas, to be enjoyed with a great choice of cakes and pastries, both traditional and original varieties, all prepared with high-quality raw materials.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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