The bonet is a typical Piedmontese custard made, in its traditional version, with milk, eggs, sugar, and amaretti.

This delicacy spread to the whole of Piedmont starting from the Langhe and Monferrato. Today, it is generally prepared adding rum and cocoa. However, in its place of origin is still more common to find without them. This white version, called ‘alla monferrina‘, was already very popular in the XVII-XVIII century. And, at that time, it was the grand finale of sumptuous banquets.

Indeed, today the black one, with cocoa and rum, is the most common version. Nevertheless, the recipe is slightly different depending on the area in which it is made. The procedure to make it is similar to that of creme caramel, but some versions include vanilla, lemon peel, coffee, or cognac.

It is also interesting to look at the origin of the bonet’s name, which in the Piedmontese dialect indicates a cap wore by man. Its round shape is similar to the copper mold in which soft desserts, pies, and flans were traditionally cooked. Moreover, the hat is the last thing you wear before going out; in the same way, the bonet is the last thing you eat before leaving the table.

Over time, the bonet has been enriched with new ingredients becoming a typical holiday dessert.

Our tip: combine two Italian specialties, bonet and Loacker wafers, in a simple, tasty and enticing treat.

A few ingredients worked together to create a unique and unforgettable experience for the taste buds.

And now make your own Loacker bonet!


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