A TV competition, with a jury and vote of the public, elected the town in the province of Piacenza

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The announcement was made live on Rai3 during the television marathon titled ‘Borgo dei Borghi‘. The name of the show indicates the ‘Town of Towns‘ as the best one out of all the Italian. In the competition took part 20 towns, one representing each region. Among them all, the jury and the public voting from home elected Bobbio in the province of Piacenza as the best one.

For the 2019 edition, the charming town of just over 3,000 inhabitants received the most votes. Because it can boast a suggestive mix of architecture, culinary traditions, and cinema. The undisputed symbol of Bobbio is the wonderfully imperfect Ponte Gobbo of Roman origin.

It is a 273-meter long bridge on the Trebbia river, characterized by 11 arches of different height. The town has also a medieval Cathedral built in Romanesque style and dating back to 1075.

In front of it, opens up a lovely square surrounded by old arcades and ancient noble palaces. The Bobbio Abbey, linked to Saint Columbanus, rises in the heart of the town. This, throughout the Middle Ages, was one of the most famous monastic centers of the whole of Europe.

Bobbio’s traditional cuisine fits into the ones of Piacenza and Emilia, with some exclusive specialties. In addition to the typical recipes of the area, here it is possible to enjoy stewed snails and ‘maccheroni bobbiesi‘. A special pasta made with knitting needles.
The town of Bobbio is also the birthplace of director Marco Bellochio, one of the great masters of the Italian cinema. Bellocchio, since 1995, organizes here a rich series of events dedicated to the seventh art. From high-level cinematographic training courses to the Bobbio Film Festival, which attracts important actors and directors.

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