A new Italian series is about to arrive on Netflix, it’s called ‘Black moon‘ – original title: ‘Luna Nera‘ – and is set in Celleno, a ghost village in the province of Viterbo. Here a few days ago the crew began filming among the ancient buildings to portrait the story of a teenage midwife who, in the 17th century, is accused of witchcraft and must choose between a star-crossed love and fulfilling her powerful destiny.

Based on a manuscript by Tiziana Triana and created by Francesca Manieri and Laura Paolucci, the series is co-produced by Netflix and the Italian Fandango and will then be globally distributed the streaming platform. However, filming has just begun and, therefore, it is still too early to think of a release date.

Our country boasts a wealth of stories, myths, and legends, inspiring novels, films, and even television series from all over the world.” – Domenico Procacci, Fandango’s CEO, said – “With Luna Nera, the ambition is for us to be the ones to recount this extraordinary narrative and visual imagery, seeking to reach a global public. And if this is the plan, Netflix is naturally the ideal partner for this project. Together, we have the possibility of doing something authentic, entertaining, and highly original. It’s the start of a new adventure that promises to be very exciting.

Celleno, Orsini Castle – Ph: Massimi Fordini Soni – Attribution License

The ghost village of Celleno, with its medieval Castello Orsini built on a tuff crag, offers a very suggestive backdrop for this story in which the teenage girl and her little brother are forced to flee their village and seek refuge with a group of women accused of witchcraft themselves who find power in their unity in a world divided between mysticism and reason.

Erik Barmack, Vice President of International Originals at Netflix, commented: “We are thrilled to develop such a great story and with a new partner in Italy. The manuscript has a rich web of characters and a mythology deeply rooted in local legend and represents a fresh and original way to do a female-led show in Italy”.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

Cover ph. by Massimo Fordini Soni – Source: Wikipedia – Attribution License

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