From the Italian people to food, art, and Tuscany, 20 of the countless wonders that await you

The ‘Telegraph‘ asked Tim Jepson to find 20 reasons to return to Italy once the lockdown is lifted. He found it very difficult. “Twenty reasons we’ll return to Italy, they said. Twenty: is that all? There are 20 paintings that would take me back; 20 restaurants, 20 views, 20 hill towns; 20 of much else besides” he wrote.

Indeed, if we had to summarize in one word what makes Italy unique we could say that it is its incredible ‘variety‘ of anything that makes life wonderful.

Art, culture, food, wine, fashion, music, landscape, craftmanship, you name it, Italy has it, and in several astonishing forms.

Italians who grew up in all this wonderful variety sometimes take it for granted. At the same time, it makes them great lovers of beautiful things. This is why they are so special that Jepson listed them as the 1st reason to return to Italy as soon as possible. The 2nd reason is the splendid gardens scattered throughout the country in private parks as well as in public ones. They are also present in the many little towns perched on the hills of most regions, which are the 3rd reason listed. The long list continues with impressive locations where to enjoy outdoor activities. These include, among others, first-class skiing destinations on the Alps and seaside resorts. The last one of the top five reasons is the language. Because “everything sounds better” in Italian.

At number 6, the magic of the lakes that creates some of the most delightful landscapes in Europe. The opera and theatrical plays offered in amazing theaters like La Scala, but also the Arena di Verona, are at number 7. While the scrumptious and healthy Mediterranean cuisine is at number 8. And since good food must be enjoyed with good drinks, these follow at number 9. Here we don’t only find the superb Italian wines, but also spirits and cocktails. On the other hand, coffee is a stand-alone reason (the 10th) to return to Italy, where this beverage is a cult.

In the list, there are also the Dolomites (11th), fashion (12th), and architecture (13th), Venice (14th), and the gorgeous Italian islands (15th). However, among the reasons to come back to Italy Jepson could not avoid mentioning the Italian coasts (16th), the countless art galleries (17th), and artistic places (18th) and those related to antiquity (19th). Last but definitely not least, there is Tuscany, which, Dolomites and Venice aside, condenses almost everything mentioned above.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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