July 28th to August 1st, have your aperitif and dinner delivered to your boat as you enjoy movies from your boat

Other cities have roads, Venice has canals. Other cities have cars, Venice has boats. Other cities have drive-in cinemas, now Venice has the ‘Barch-In‘. The first sail-in cinema to enjoy movies from the water. The name plays with the Italian word for boat, ‘barca’. From July 28th to August 1st, the Venetian Arsenal will host the five appointments of ‘Barch-In’ organized by the FEMS of Cinéma association. They have the support of the City of Venice, VeLa spa, and the Italian Navy.

The movies – refined features, cult documentaries, and blockbusters – retrace the theme of the relationship between man, water, and seafaring art.

The evening starts at 7 pm with an ‘Aperiporto‘ curated by Campari that can be ordered directly from the boat. Later it is also possible to have also dinners cooked in the kitchen of the Venice Casino delivered directly to the boats. The Venetian food delivery startup Cocai Express will take care of the deliveries of both aperitifs and dinners. 

The evenings are free of charge but with compulsory booking on the website www.barch-in.it and open to a maximum of 50 boats, each moored at a buoy. Access is allowed to all types of boats up to 11 meters or 15 meters for sailing boats. No pedestrians are allowed. However, it is possible to attend the screening even without a boat. In fact, the technical sponsor Brusato Trasporti and other companies rent boats for the occasion of the ‘Barch-In’ evenings. It is also possible to board one of the shared boats provided free of charge by Classic Boat Venice and its partner associations.

In this case, seats will be assigned according to availability in chronological order.

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