This evening the exhibition ‘Baglietto, un sogno sul mare‘ (Baglietto, a dream on the sea), drawings photographs and models that trace the history of the Seagull brand, will be inaugurated in the premises of the Ex Dogana dell’Autorità Portuale as part of the events that anticipate the 93rd ‘Palio del Golfo’, the annual event held in La Spezia on August 5.

After the success it obtained in April at Palazzo San Giorgio in Genoa, the exhibition is now presented, with the patronage of the Municipality, in the city where Baglietto was founded in 1854. ‘Baglietto, un sogno sul mare’ has been designed and curated by an architect partner of Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Emanuela Baglietto – daughter of Pietro Baglietto, last owner of the family business together with cousin Giampiero. The objective of the exhibition is to retrace the fundamental steps in the history of the Baglietto shipyard, from its foundation to its success as Italian excellence in design and boating. The innovative path through a series of images and installations, divided into thematic areas, tells the unique and inimitable entrepreneurial story of the “seagull” that has always been committed to combining the tradition of a solid artisan history with continuous technological and aesthetic research.

A real tribute to the history of the shipyard, from the first fishing boats through the MAS of the World Wars to pleasure and racing motorboats passing, experimental boats, technological innovations and boats for exceptional customers and owners. All with the constant attention to the development and innovations of the market that characterized the shipyard from its first day of activity, and that still today represents the guideline for the Gavio Group, which acquired the brand in 2012. A part of the exhibition is also dedicated to Baglietto’s most recent successful boats  – such as ‘Lucky Me’, ‘Andiamo’, and ‘Ridoc’ – and to the people that every day contribute, with their work, to make the “seagull” brand an icon of pleasure boating.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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