fashion italy italian Armani Dolci by Guido Gobino praline sweet taste cocholate foodMâitre chocolatier Guido Gobino, ‘king’ of the Turin gianduiotto and Italian leader of the artisan segment, signed a long-term licensing agreement for the production and distribution of Armani / Dolci products all over the world. The line, called Armani/Dolci by Guido Gobino, is already on sale in Milan and it will soon arrive in the new Emporio Armani Caffè and Ristorante in Milan and in twelve stores abroad – from Paris to Kuala Lumpur.

Guido Gobino inherited the lab from his father Giuseppe, owner of a small chocolate and candy factory that in the eighties was transformed into a small company specialized in the production of chocolate, focusing on typical Turin products such as Gianduiotto, the Gianduia Chocolate spread and the Chocolate with Hazelnut. The highest quality raw materials – cocoa beans from Venezuela, Ecuador, Sao Tome, and Mexico, IGP hazelnuts from the Langhe, and milk from Piedmont – and cutting-edge production techniques, earned Gobino numerous international awards, and today it is Made in Italy chocolate brand known throughout Europe, the United States, and in italy italian Armani Dolci by Guido Gobino praline sweet taste cocholate food

Giorgio Armani commented: “I am pleased with this new collaboration. A natural consequence of the meeting between the desire to offer my customers a top-quality product and the refinement of Guido Gobino’s artisanal chocolate, which is recognized all over the world.

While Gobino said: “It is an honor to collaborate with Giorgio Armani, who is internationally recognized for his prestige. Making the Armani/Dolci collections will allow us to grow and face new challenges while keeping our DNA unchanged and reconciling the tradition of our products with our consolidated craftsmanship quality. Our research into new taste experiences and sensory frontiers of the Made in Italy will continue.”

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