It is in the most western point of Sardinia and it reminds of American western atmosphere. Indeed the link is strong as also in the province of Sassari there is a former mining town that was abandoned when the mine closed.  

In Argentiera (the name derives from ‘argento’, meaning silver in Italian), since 1963, there are virtually no habitants, however, in the past few years some of the old buildings have been restored and visitors can enjoy impressive walks through the town. And now things just got even more interesting thanks to the ‘Mar – Miniera Argentiera’.
Thanks to the project of an association of architects with the supported by the Municipality of Sassari, the ghost town met technology and turned into the first open-air mining museum in augmented reality. The aim is to enhance the historical memory and the identity of an area that, for decades, has played a leading role in the production, economic and employment of the region, allowing it, with its unique heritage, to become a worthy destination of international cultural tourism.
Admission is free and visitors can immerse themselves in history thanks to artistic installations and a smartphone application. The museum offers itineraries through the most significant places of the town that compose a permanent exhibition and the historical tale of the former mining village and its history. Among them, new and fascinating artistic installations pay homage to the memory in augmented reality. Everything is visible to the human eye thanks to an app that visitors can freely download on their smartphones.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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