From Hellen Mirren to George Clooney and many Italian VIPs, the heel of the Italian boot is the place to be

Apulia, the heel of the Italian boot is an incredibly rich region, a concentration of wonders. From the  vineyard-sprinkled countryside and scenic Baroque towns to fine-sand beaches and gilded wheat fields. The coastline is punctuated with limestone cliffs, national parks, and quaint towns. And in Itria Valley, among Trulli and centuries-old sculpture-like olive trees, there is a wealth of small traditional villages called ‘masserie’. These are clusters of rural buildings developed around farms.

Locorotondo – Bari

For these many reasons, many celebrities choose Apulia to spend their summer holiday.

Like every year, Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren and her husband, Taylor Edwin Hackford will be bac in the region. They have restored a beautiful 16th-century masseria where they escape whenever they can. They even own a bar/restaurant in Triacase called Farmacia Balboa. If Mirren and Hackford are regulars, the most awaited guest this summer is George Clooney. The Hollywood actor should arrive in Valle d’Itria for a relaxing break in the countryside and villages before heading to the beaches of Monopoli. It would be his first time in Apulia. While, Ronn Moss fell in love with the region several years ago, when he shot there some episodes The Bold and The Beautiful. Since then he often goes back to take care of his vineyards in which he produces Primitivo. At the moment, he is in Polignano a Mare relaxing at the San Lorenzo Boutique Hotel & Spa and wandering around the village.

Apulia is also very popular with Italian celebrities. Gianni Morandi usually heads straight for Lido Pizzo, the wildest and most beautiful sea south of Gallipoli. However, this year the singer decided to tour the whole of the region. He also visited his colleague Al Bano, who produces fine wines in his estate in  Cellino San Marco. Also, actor Raul Bova just made a real estate investment. In Fasano, he turned the historic residence Masseria San Giovanni into a refined hotel.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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