10 completely different white wines that are reasonably priced and of great value

In the common imagination Italian famous red wines heavily overshadow the country’s white ones. In reality, Italy, the country that produces more types of wine than any other, produces more white (57%) than red/rosato (43%). White is produced in all the regions and it constitutes more than half the production in 10 of them from Trentino down to Sicily.

And it is not only a matter of quantity. Also, the quality of Italian white wine is superb, even when considering reasonable price ranges. Indeed, wine critic Eric Asimov wrote an interesting piece for the New York Times celebrating 10 different labels that he bought for less than $25. However, the price range and the impressive quality are the only two traits that they have in common. With his declaration of love, Asimov highlighted the Belpaese’s biodiversity selecting 10 wines made from a different grape or blend. And say that he could have easily “picked another 10 great bottles without duplication.” Adding that “From Sicily, south of the Italian mainland, to Alto Adige and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in the northeast and the Valle d’Aosta in the northwest, Italy is overflowing with fascinating, distinctive white wines.” Moreover, “Many of these wines are reasonably priced and great values.


Here are the 10 labels that Asimov chose.

Benvenuto Calabria Zibibbo 2018, $24.99 – Generally zibibbo is used to make sweet wines in Sicily. Giovanni Benvenuto grows it organically in Calabria to make this fragrant muscat.
COS Terre Siciliane Ramí 2018, $24.99 – This “lively and refreshing, tangy and textured” Sicilian wine has a tannic backbone thanks to the maceration grapes with the skin for 7-10 days.

Benanti Etna Bianco 2018, $24.99 – Another wine with a strong Sicilian soul. Made with carrricante grapes, “its distinctive salinity makes a wonderful partner for all sorts of seafood.”
La Mesma Gavi del Comune di Gavi Indi 2018, $24.99 – Meticulously run by the three Rosina sisters, La Mesma winery produces uses organic cortese grapes to make this fragrant wine, with earthy lemon flavors.
Tiberio Trebbiano d’Abruzzo 2018, $19.99 – Siblings Christiana and Antonio Tiberio created this dry, aromatic, and richly textured wine “with bracing saline and floral flavors” using trebbiano Abruzzese grape.

Abbazia di Novacella Alto Adige – Valle Isarco Kerner 2018, $19.99 – Producing wine since the 12th century, the Augustinian monastery of Novacella has all the experience to use the German Kermer grape. The result is balanced and refreshing.
Raína Umbria Grechetto 2018, $19.50 – Raìna grows biodynamically the grechetto grape to create this unfiltered wine. It is “fresh and assertive, dry and spicy, with just a light tannic touch.”
Feudo Montoni Sicily Grillo Timpa 2018, $18.99 – Growing grillo grapes organically on a steep slope near Agrigento, Feudo Montoni makes this wine with earthy, nutlike, floral, and harmonious aromas and flavors.
Antica Tenuta Pietramore Abruzzo Pecorino Superiore 2016, $17.99 – This biodynamic wine from Abruzzo is “absolutely delicious: rich, textured, high in acid but substantial and concentrated.” Also thanks to the extra year or two of aging.
Collestefano Verdicchio di Matelica 2018, $17.99 – Collestefano uses organically grown verdicchio grapes to make this “wake-up call” wine. It is “vibrant and energetic, with aromas of flowers and almonds, and a spine of electric acidity.”

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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