Alfa Romeo is the protagonist of the exhibition with which the Technik Museum Sinsheim opened last week ‘Hall 3‘, a 3,000 m² modern exhibition space destined to house the Museum special exhibitions. This is a choice that confirms the passionate interest in Alfa Romeo’s ‘mechanical creations’ and its amazing human, technological, and racing heritage that permeates northern Europe and Germany in particular.

Mythos Alfa Romeo‘, created in close collaboration with the Milanese constructor, is a retrospective that offers an overview of the company’s history in motorsport as well as in design. The exhibition features about 40 products that emblematically represent the Italian brand, founded in 1910, which has become one of the most famous global expressions of Italian excellence.

The items on show have all been made available by ‘Museo Storico di Arese – La Macchina del Tempo‘ and private collectors. During the exhibition’s total run of 12 months some legendary racing cars, standard production vehicles, one-off prototypes, and technical products will be periodically replaced with other pieces of inestimable historic worth on the stage offered by the Technik Museum Sinsheim.

Currently, the exhibition includes an important selection of items from the collection of FCA Heritage department – which conserves and promotes the history of the FCA Group’s Italian brands – and from the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo. Not only legendary racing cars, like the Alfa Romeo SE048SP or the Alfa Romeo 1900 C52, nicknamed the ‘Disco Volante’ (Flying Saucer) but also magnificent examples of the finest Italian design, such as the Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Super Sport with bodywork by Touring. They are accompanied by technical items such as a Formula 1 engine or the innovative Q4 all-wheel-drive system adopted on the Alfa Romeo 156.

Photos from the alfaromeo official website

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