MATERA- ‘Salvador Dalí – The persistence of the Opposites‘ is the title of the exhibition organized by the Dalí Universe, a company that manages one of the largest private collections in the world of works of art created by the Catalan Surrealism master. In 2019, Matera will be the European capital of culture and, among the various artistic and cultural events scheduled for the occasion, it will host the impressive exhibition in a setting that will further increase its dramatic charm: in the open air among the Sassi.

The outdoor exhibition, curated by Beniamino Levi – president of Dalì universe – and by the Cuboin group, in the past few days has been announced throughout the town by great yellow posters depicting the profile of the artist accompanied by the words: “I’m coming!” However, it will not be officially opened before the beginning of December and it will remain in place throughout the year.
A clock dissolved in Via Madonna delle Virtù, a gigantic elephant between Piazza Vittorio Veneto and Via San Biagio, a third work in Piazza San Francesco d’Assisi; other works will be presented in the rock complex of Madonna delle Virtù and S. Nicola dei Greci. In total, about 200 works will be visible, including large and small sculptures, illustrations, glass works and artist’s furniture, along with a multi-sensorial path, rich in holograms, virtual reality, 3D projections, video mapping. A dedicated Instagram profile will also be created, to collect photos taken by visitors and Dalì lovers.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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