On March 23 in Milan, the result of the collaboration between to geniuses of the Italian style will be revealed. Stylist and entrepreneur Anna Fendi, best known as Fendi’s head of development, and  award-winning Italian yacht designer Christian Grande designed for Invictus Yacht the new Special Edition, one of the yacht brand’s most successful models. The interior design of the new yacht is characterized by the presence of markedly contrasting colors and thorough material research; moreover, it also features a choice of special furnishings unique to the yachting world.

Talking about the collaboration, Grande revealed: “Last year I was at Villa Laetitia, the Fendi family’s residence in Rome sketching the lines for a design in the personal notebook that I always carry with me. Anna Fendi was curious as to what I was drawing, and we simply began to chat. That’s how the idea of working together on this project was born. Anna and I both share a deep love for details, and we are always searching for beauty, in all its forms and manifestations. She has a tremendous experience in the language of colour – this, combined with my knowledge of the yachting world, created a mutual understanding, binding, connecting and amplifying our cultural backgrounds.”

Anna Fendi said: “In decorating this yacht I started thinking of travel as a concept, and I was inspired by old steamer trunks in parchment and Bulgarian leather. Following a precise colour scheme and using materials not usually found in the yachting world, I tried to decorate this little sea-borne jewel in a very special way and with a strong personality. I’ve always adored yachts of this size, they have an intrinsic sense of proportion, with an intimate and adventurous feel. With Christian. we tried to study every single detail and create something beautiful and very functional.”

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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