A new shrine to the most famous Italian chocolate and hazelnut spread is finally available to New York foodies. Back in June, Ferrero had announced the upcoming opening of a Nutella Cafe in the City after the great success obtained by the one opened in Chicago in May 2017, and it has now fulfilled its promise.

On November 14, the door of the cafe, in the shape of a maxi-Nutella jar, opened in Union Square to envelop patrons in a Nutella world experience. Everything screams Nutella, and the whole place is designed to make them feel like they are physically stepping into a jar of Nutella: the ceiling is crafted to replicate brown waves of chocolate and hazelnut spread, the light fixtures are based on the yellow flower on the iconic Nutella label, and also the bright red of the logo is also featured in the décor; there are shelves of Nutella goods, a massive light fixture that says “Nutella” on it that covers an entire wall, and unique merchandise – mugs, cups, little gift sets, and Nutella jars with “New York” and “I love you” written on the label.

As it is in the Chicago Cafe, most of the items offered on the menu will include Nutella as one of their ingredients. However, the menu offered in New York includes some variations and it features mouth-watering entries such as ‘Grilled Banana Bread‘, ‘Frozen Nutella Pop‘, ‘Hazelnut Blondie‘, and a ‘Chia Hemp Seed Parfait‘. The most engaging item on the menu is without any doubt the ‘Create-Your-Own‘ option, for which customers can choose a base (i.e., pancake, croissant, crepe), a filling (like apple compote and raspberries), and a topping to create their own perfectly indulgent sin.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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