What makes the mountain unique and the explorer lucky is the possibility to look at the world from a different and exciting point of view. And this is precisely what makes a good book and the mountain, the reader and the traveler, so similar.” This is how the presentation of ‘laFeltrinelli 3466‘ introduces the highest bookshop in Europe. With an area of 60 sqm at an altitude of 3,466 meters, a breathtaking view, and a literary proposal addressed to those who love walking in the woods, surrounded by nature, the new bookshop has been opened in Punta Helbronner/The Sky station on the southern side of the Mont Blanc massif, which is connected to Courmayeur by the cable cars of Skyway Monte Bianco.

The Punta Helbronner Skyway

laFeltrinelli 3466‘ has 376 titles for a total of 1726 books, divided into thematic areas: from the high-altitude bestseller section to illustrated and photographic mountain books, from those dedicated to Val d’Aosta itineraries to mountain fiction, from books about Val d’Aosta food and wine books to children’s books.
Federica Bieller, President of Funivie Monte Bianco Spa, commented: “Skyway Monte Bianco is not just a cable car, it is an idea. That of bringing man closer to the mountain and the sky, that of broadening horizons and overcoming borders. Thanks to the opening of ‘laFeltrinelli 3466‘, our technological cable car further enhances the ascent turning it into a cultural excursion. The mountain culture to be valued, the words of the authors who loved and challenged it, the Mont Blanc as a scenario to fantasize.

On July 20th, historian and writer Alessandro Vanoli will inaugurates the series of meetings with authors organized by ‘laFeltrinelli 3466‘ presenting is new book ‘Strade perdute‘ (Lost roads) dedicated to the multiple routes that humanity has traveled and that marked its roots, from the Nile to the Mediterranean routes, from the Silk Road to Route 66.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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