ZZZleepandGoThe first capsule hotel was opened in Japan in 1979 and now, 38 years later they are available in several major airport around the world. These hotels are not made of standard rooms but of 3 m² cells; they basically are rectangular boxes in plastic or fiberglassr in which the customer has no more space than what is needed to relax and sleep. They are cheap hotels designed to accommodate commuters and whoever is forced to travel in ungenerous times: early morning or very late at night.

Following the same philosophy something very similar opened in Terminal 1 of Malpensa airport: four 9 m² mini-rooms with a single bed, a work station with folding table/desk, an armchair and high speed wi-fi network. To make the stay pleasant and relaxing, the mini-rooms feature chromotherapy, led lights, multimedia devices and, to ensure flights are not missed, an wake-up service is available. Although there is only a single bed, two people are allowed to access the mini-room at once. The hourly rate is €9 per hour without a prior booking, but it is only €34 if you book for a whole night, i.e. from 23 to 6 am.

The service is offered by ZZZleepandGo, which was founded in 2014 by three students of the Polytechnic of Milan united by the love for travel: Alberto Porzio, Nicolas Montonati and Matteo Destantini, respectively CEO, CTO and CFO of ZZZleepandGo, supported by Gianmaria Leto, Vice President, and Angelo Iacubino, ICT Manager. Their goal is to make airports more inviting and comfortable through an innovative and cost-effective accommodation solution.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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