tiler-2He is from Genoa, is young, has traditional daytime job and a mind full of art and beauty, but no one really knows who Tiler, the street artist who in recent months is filling Genoa with his work, is.

In a recent interview Tiler described himself as “a guy who has spent his life looking for a way to express himself with more than mere words. Today Tiler is a creator of images: my brush is the mouse, my colors are the photographs and my canvas is the screen”. The images that he creates on the computer are transferred on tiles and during the night, while wearing a monkey costume to hide his identity, he decors with them the walls of his home town. “My works – he says – are born from a shot that strikes a chord with me and communicates its need, like if it was asking me to become something different. So I begin to ‘answer’ and piece by piece it becomes an entirely different image from the initial one”. The tiles have been chosen as a mean of expression because he did not want to be equal to any other street artist; therefore, he needed something new, innovative. He also wanted something that could draw attention to the wall without spoiling it.

Tiler uses a mask because, in his view, human beings need mystery to become passionate about something and his aim is for passers-by to raise their eyes from their screens and from the sidewalk and to realize that they live in a reality that will tend to get worse unless they start to take care of it. He hopes that in noticing his tiles people will discover that there is a wall behind them and that behind that wall there is a neighborhood that needs to be cared for. In Tiler’s words: “Recognizing and demand beauty will save the world”.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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