Cristiana Cariaggi_1There is innovation, quality and passion in the new collection from Cariaggi, a leading producer from the Marche of yarn in cashmere and precious wools for the high-end market. If artisanal quality has always been the pride of Italy, the production of yarn is undoubtedly one of its best manifestations, and Cariaggi knows perfectly well how to manifest the soft dream of a precious caress with unsurpassed quality. Careful attention to all phases of production has always been one of the priorities of the company, which in 2017 decided to focus on innovation with a budget of some 2.5 million euros, confirming it as a brand with solid roots but eyes looking straight ahead into the future.

As Cristiana Cariaggi, board member of the Marche firm, explained to All About Italy, “these investments will involve the entire business, contributing to a process of refinement and renovation: they will provide for advanced machinery and new technologies that will improve delivery times, but in full respect for quality, the essential element of our company’s story.

Shining_67% Seta_33%lurex_titolo_75.000

SHINING: 67% Silk, 33% Lurex

And for Cariaggi, the idea of quality also involves sustainability, a concept so important for the market that it has decidedly been abused. Cristiana Cariaggi knows this well: “We began to speak of sustainability long ago, before it became a simple marketing catchword. For us, speaking of sustainability is not a question of sticking on a label in order to follow a trend. Sustainability is investment in research and time, it is choosing to guarantee the excellence of the product through a careful selection of the materials used. It is a strategy in which the company has always invested, engaging in careful and detailed controls, which are made easier by the fact that we remain 100% Made in Italy. This obviously leads to important investments, but quality wins out.”

Linum Stampato_Sandy_90%lino_10%cashmere_NM3700__

LINUM STAMPATO SANDY: 90% Linen, 10% Cashmere

Not by accident, the brand confirms superb performance on the market, with strong growth in it export activities: Europe has always given us a warm welcome, but even beyond these confines Cariaggi is progressively increasing its clientele. America is a very important market for us, but also Japan and Korea, markets that respond very well to our offer, and appreciate the care taken with the product.”

Never be content with the established results but aim ever higher: this is the not-too-secret mantra of Cariaggi. The 2018 Spring-Summer collection thus features an explosion of colors and pyrotechnic effects of light combined with an even more accentuated tactile pleasure.

“The color and the quality of the fibers are critical components if Cariaggi’s DNA,” adds Cristiana. In the latest collection we have highlighted fibers such as cotton, linen and silk, always blended with cashmere, our core business: a blend of elegance that is transformed in lightness, another theme that accompanies our yarns.”

Curly_74%belize cotton 26%seta

CURLY: 74% Belize Cotton, 26% Silk

Cashmere, merino, silk and cotton are indeed re-interpreted in ever-finer variations; thanks to the different techniques of working the raw material, these maters from the Marche obtain myriad suggestive effects, resulting in extreme volumes with a soft and supple consistency. Colors range from nuanced pastels to a set of magnetic, captivating and seductive reds and whites, offering the right tone for every occasion and for every feeling.

Among the innovations in the collection, the worsted silk yarn Shining stands out, made precious with strands of Lurex that give it a refined luster rendering light palpable and enveloping. Another jewel in the crown is the worsted yarn Gritty with micro-paillettes, the smallest on the market, combined with strands of gold and silver Lurex, which expresses the evolution of light in an intense but always elegant manner—without excess, with class. These are the worthy coronation of Cariaggi’s research, which has succeeded in finding the perfect balance between two different elements that together give the yarn an exquisite luster and at the same time remain imperceptible to the touch.

Linum stampato Twilight_90%lino 10%cashmere_NM2-60

LINUM STAMPATO TWILIGHT: 90% Linen, 10% Cashmere

The worsted yarn Curly is the result of meticulous workmanship involving numerous torsions for an irregular result, more opaque but at the same time fresh and spirited. Linum Stampato leaves its mark in two versions, differing in their subtleties: Twilight, finer and with a four-color interwoven print that produces a distinct and nuanced effect; and Sandy, a sunny, summery re-interpretation of camouflage.

The Cariaggi range for Spring-Summer 2018 develops from an emotion that takes inspiration from art and nature: the sumptuous triumph of colors exalts and highlights the lightness and the intangibility of the precious fibers proposed by the brand. It is a shimmering collection full of magic that seduces the eye and soul and yields new and highly pleasant sensations; the smoothness and softness of the rare and precious materials such as cashmere and silk are emphasized by the unique and peculiar effects of light created by the Lurex and micro-paillettes. Clouds encounter the light and become products of exclusive artisanal craftsmanship, offering the right cuddle for whoever knows how to recognize and fully appreciate the value of beauty.

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