Panino accademiaPizza, pasta with tomato sauce and cappuccino widely represents Italy abroad, but what about the one that Italians consider the most iconic street food? In the sixties and seventies the panino (stuffed bread-roll) was a symbol of freedom to be enjoyed on the go and also a speedy symbol of rebellion to traditional rhythms. Today it is a tasty and healthy option for a quick lunch break in front of the PC, or while going from one appointment to another. As Anna Prandoni, director of Panino Italiano magazine, says “food to be successful must have five characteristics: it must be healthy, tasty, pleasing to the eye, cheap and easy to consume” and the Panino has them all.

These are the grounds on which the cultural foundation Accademia del Panino (stuffed bread-roll academy) is working to promote the panino as one of the icons of the Made in Italy. The academy has been conceived by Elena Riva and Antonio Civita – entrepreneurs behind the brand Panino Giusto -, who involved as consultants the panino expert Alessandro Frassica, the baker and wheat scholar Davide Longoni, the starred chef Claudio Sadler and the “gastronaut” Davide Paolini.
Based in Milan, the Accademia del Panino is an integrated project which provides a professional cooking school – with courses for enthusiasts and insiders who will become Panino Master, Panino Gourmet and Panino Artist -, a thematic library with about 1,500 titles, and the paper magazine “Panino Italiano”. The academy has also devised a beautiful exhibition and an app to geolocate the best panino searching by location and by ingredients.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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