domus aureaFrom February, 4 it is possible to visit Nero’s Domus Aurea and appreciate it as he did in the first century, with its porch, the rich rooms, the garden and the view of the Palatine. A 3D video played on a big screen (19m x 3.3m) allows visitors to go beyond the visit of the monument as it is today and enjoy it with a much fuller experience. It will illustrate the history of the monument, from Nero’s building to the changes wanted by Trajan and, up to more recent times when, during WWII, the tunnels have been used as a shelter for the displaced.

After the screening, visitors, led by guides, will tour the construction site of the conservation works and reach the innovative technological installation set up in the gilded dome room. Here each visitor will be able to independently use virtual reality stereoscopic viewers to take a leap in time, moving 360° in a room covered with colored marble and frescoes, flooded with natural light coming from a garden overlooking Rome. The pomp and the wealth of Nero’s palace will be evident and surprising.

These technologies applied to such an important archaeological site generates a real journey through time, a cognitive and emotional short circuit. Superintendent of the Colosseum and the central archaeological area of Rome, Francesco Prosperetti commented: “It is a new feature that I really wanted, because the current status of the monument does not give the opportunity to grasp the essence of this place. Now it is possible”.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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