The new home of Neapolitan pizza in New York is at 334 Bowery Street and many New Yorkers, including the mayor of Italian origin himself, appreciated it.
Popular pizza chef Gino Sorbillo opened a restaurant in the Big Apple and it was inaugurated by no less than New York Mayor Bill De Blasio.
Francesco Emilio Borrelli, member Campania regional council, recounts that then De Blasio traveled to Campania to visit the places where his family came from, he also went to eat at Sorbillo’s pizza restaurant on the seafront, where an electoral committee in his favor had been organized. The amazing pizza made by Sorbillo won over De Blasio, who invited the chef to open a pizza restaurant in his town and promised to go to eat there. They both kept their promises.

“Sorbillo, like other Neapolitan pizza chefs, are invading the globe by opening pizza restaurants everywhere. They are spreading the art of the Neapolitan pizza, which is conquering new markets, despite the competition of those who pass off  very different products as pizza,” concluded Borrelli.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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