Terracina DIana Cacciatrice 1The Roman statue of Diana, Goddess of the hunt and women, dating back about two thousand years ago was found in Terracina in good conditions. It was discovered by chance during the trial excavations to place the tanks for a petrol station near the town’s post office and it caused general stir. The authorities were immediately called to evaluate the case. Further details will be available following all the necessary investigations to establish the origin of the statue. In addition to “Diana the Huntress”, also thermal baths dating back to Roman times resurfaced during the excavation.
These are archaeological findings of important value and Terracina is rich of them. For the ancient Romans the town was a well-known seaside resort and it assumed greater importance especially after the opening of the Via Appia. During the years the important discoveries in the area have been many; even in the year 2000 there was a remarkable discovery: the statue of Jupiter Anxur that was found inside a frigidarium, a large cold pool in the Roman baths. Also, the newly found Diana, dating go back to I-II century AD, was presumably placed within the Roman baths, but in the caldarium, a room with a hot plunge bath.

The discovery of the goddess is a very dear one to the municipal administration of Terracina, committed to the enhancement of its Roman archaeological heritage, and it has been perceived as a good omen by the mayor, Nicola Procaccini.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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