scrambler-ducati-food-factory-09Ducati, after the Ducati Caffè are already present in Rome and Seoul, keeps on the same road opening in via Stalingrado in Bologna the Scrambler Ducati Food Factory, a restaurant that combines the tradition of the Ducati brand with the one of the typical cuisine from Emilia Romagna.
Inspired by the free, creative and youthful spirit of the Scrambler Ducati motorcycle, the establishment shares with it the same philosophy and the same atmosphere. It is a restaurant where to meet, socialize, do business all with the free spirit of those who feel Scrambler.
Even in the kitchen “Scrambler Ducati Food Factory” aims to put bring creativity to taste . The classic pizzas are presented alongside with the most original ones, but all naturally leavened with sour dough and enriched by genuine Italian peeled tomatoes, cheeses and other excellent raw materials. The same ingredients are used also for the pizzas to share: for a minimum 2 people, rectangular pizzas served already cut on a wooden board – pala – and seasoned with up to two different flavors. The traditional piadina is prepared with homemade dough and is stuffed with excellent Italian cold cuts and cheeses. High quality ingredients from the best local suppliers are used to prepare and rediscover typical dishes from Bologna, including fresh handmade pasta.
Scrambler Ducati Food Factory is located in a refurbished gas station, and there are rumors that a street art project will soon be launched for the exterior walls.
The official opening to the public will be on January 27, but the venue is actually already open.
Ilona Catani Scarlett

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