Breathtaking views, romantic traditions, secluded alleys, these are the most famous Italian locations deeply intertwined with love.


Vicolo-del-Bacio Vico-del-GarganoVillage of Love

Vico del Gargano, in the province of Foggia, is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and it is nicknamed Village of Love. Obviously its patron saint is Saint Valentine. In the historical center there is a narrow alley, just half a meter wide, where on February 14th each year lovers meet to exchange effusions. In the past, when certain things required more caution, lovers would walk along the alley in the opposite direction to have the chance of a brief touch. Moreover, it is said that the oranges adorning Saint Valentine during the patron saint’s festival, when given to a loved one, turn into a potent love potion.


Via del Bacio PIENZA



Via del Bacio – Kiss Street

Via del Bacio in Pienza, not far from Siena, is one of the most famous and romantic kissing locations in the world. It can also boast one of the most picturesque views in Italy on a landscape outlined by the soft hills of Val d’Orcia with their cypresses and field plots.






The Tree of Love

Lucignano, near Pienza, is the cradle of a precious treasure, The Tree of Love, a masterpiece of Gothic jewelry studded with crystals, enamels and corals. It is a reliquary in the shape of a tree, which according to tradition would bring luck and eternal love to couples. Many are the couples from all over the world that go to swear eternal devotion before the tree. This object makes Lucignano one of the most romantic spots in Tuscany.



bacio mancato


Via del Bacio Mancato – Missed Kiss Street

Via del Bacio Mancato is actually a challenging climbing wall on Schiappa delle Grise Neire, near Tressi nel Vallone di Forzo (Turin). It is clear that love and good intentions are not enough to conquer it; appropriate equipment, experience and technique are definitely a must. The very name of the climb is a warning for those who would dare to improvise this climb.




cortile giuliettaJuliet’s courtyard

Verona, full of history and charm, is famous for being the home town of Romeo and Juliet. Here is not difficult to imagine them exchanging words of eternal love in the narrow alleys; and in the courtyard of the Capulet’s house it is possible to admire the balcony from which the beautiful Juliet was used to speak with her great love. In the same courtyard today lovers from around the world exchange promises of eternal love and write their names and romantic phrases on the wall near the entrance, which is known as Juliet’s wall.

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