Reliabitaly-app-2From “parmesan” to false Asiago, from fake Modena balsamic vinegar to phony wine kits, these are just a few of the products that mimic the excellent Made in Italy food and that are widely available abroad.

According to Assocamerestero’s data from December 2016, the Italian sounding – products presented as Italian even if they are not – is a market worth more than 54 billion Euros per year, double the exports of the original products. The survey also highlighted the important difference between the fake products’ price compared with the Made in Italy ones, which, in the worst case can be up to -80%.

To oppose this phenomenon Reliabitaly promotes an archive of certified products and an application for smartphones.

With this application consumers all over the world can immediately find out if an article is associated with Reliabitaly and, thus, if it is actually Made in Italy. The application recognizes the product and redirects the user to its web page where the correspondence between article, code and web page guarantees that the Reliabitaly logo on the product’s packaging is an authentic one. Reliabitaly explains that “It is an active control method that ensures the uniqueness of the matching and it cannot be forged”. From the product’s web page users may also acquire more in-depth information: see pictures, watch videos related to the production methods, read technical characteristics and find out the article’s peculiarities.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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