PT_GIUGIARO_03The 87th Geneva International Motor Show 2017 ratified an exceptional partnership between fashion and design. Giorgietto e Fabrizio Giugiaro’s GFG Style involved an exceptional partner for the realization of the new Techrules Super Car’s seats: PT Pantaloni Torino, historical high-end pants brand based in Turin.
The collaboration between these two Turin excellence providers assigned a central role to PT Pantaloni Torino’s denim in the “orange” capsules edition of the PT05 line dedicated to the 5 pockets.
The denim has been used for the covers of the seats maintaining the identifying characteristics of jeans: pockets, rivets and orange labels adorn the interiors of the Super Car.
PT_GIUGIARO_01PT Pantaloni Torino is a high-end brand which, thanks to over 50 years of expertise in the production of trousers is able to convey its dedication to always find avantgarde style solutions. The meticulousness in the research of details, in the selection of quality materials and in the perfect fit, have transformed PT pants in style icons.

PT05 is the brand’s 5 pockets line in which the historical DNA of American jeans is mixed with Italian details and elements coming from the design world to create a contemporary product.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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