Qatar RailAccording to Mohamed Timbely, Senior Director of Qatar Rail, One Works has perfectly interpreted the spirit and the goal that the organization set for the competition: to bestow Doha with a building symbol of the extraordinary change that is affecting the entire country. Combining past, present, and future, the Transport Education Centre will illustrate how Qatar, in the light of its legacy and of an ambitious program of integrated transit infrastructure, is a country dynamically connected and at the center of the economic, cultural and social growth of the entire Gulf region.

Thanks to their unique experience in transport infrastructure architecture and their ability to interpret it as an element of urban development and as a mean of social and cultural evolution, the architects of One Works developed a concept for the Transport Education Centre that perfectly synthesizes tradition and innovation – exactly what Qatar Rail was looking for.

Leonardo Cavalli and Giulio De Carli founded One Works, which specializes in architecture infrastructure and urban engineering, in 2007 and it now has a team of more than 150 architects, designers, planners and engineers working in their offices in Milan, Rome, Venice, London, and Dubai – with relative subsidiary locations in Doha, Qatar and Riyadh, KSA.

Talking about the Transport Education Centre Cavalli said: “We are extremely proud to play a role in the extraordinary growth of this Country that has its roots embedded in an important tradition and history. We wanted to enhance Qatar’s heritage in every key element of our project, as well as in every single detail, by recognizing how Qatar can today look to the future by virtue of its past“.

Ilona Catani Scarlett


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