monicabellucciDuring the Monde-Carlo Comedy Film Festival, Monica Bellucci received a Career Award in celebration of the many successes she achieved working in many countries and with many directors. In Italy the new season of Mozart in the Jungle is about to be aired; in it Bellucci, alongside Gael Garcia Bernal, plays a role that is both funny and very deep. An opera singer who leaves the scenes without an apparent explanation, but through comedy and irony the plot digs deep in the drama of this woman fighting with herself until it reveals the true reason of her desertion.

In the near future Bellucci will also play a mysterious role in the new season of Twin Peaks. These two TV series seem to have enticed her to remain in this world, perhaps with her own production about which she says it could be “a good and powerful story” with an international production – possibly involving United States – and that it would be a story about an interesting woman. Bellucci, is fascinated by women and by the way in which our society’s perception of them is changing. She highlights how women are stronger and respect each other more in a world that has finally stopped thinking that beauty can only be found in youth. This is why, according to Bellucci, today more women of any age are portrayed in movies.

“I love women, when I see younger women I think of my daughters, when I see older women I think of the things that I still have to learn. I am reminded of my grandmothers, two incredible women who have taught me many things and who I deeply loved. For this reason I want to represent women at all ages.”

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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