Until January 21st Palazzo Pallavicini will host the works of the Italian artist that influenced the world of comics.

In the enchanting setting of the historic center of Bologna, in Palazzo Pallavicini, until January 21st, it is possible to visit the great exhibition ‘Nel segno di Manara. Antologica di Milo Manara‘, curated by Claudio Curcio. Father of the erotic imagination of entire generations, since the 80s Milo Manara revolutionized the universe of comics with its unmistakable trait, influencing and inspiring hundreds of authors in Europe, the US and Japan, and became one of the most famous contemporary authors in the world.
It will be one of the most important and complete exhibitions ever organized in celebration of production of the comic book writer Milo Manara.

The 130 works on show at Palazzo Pallavicini are divided in seven sections that embrace both its comic production and its work as illustrator for the press, movies, and advertising: from the boards of ‘Una Fascio of Bombe’, to the preview of the ones of its second book dedicated to Caravaggio, which is not yet available in the bookstore, from the results of his collaboration with Hugo Pratt, to the ones of the collaboration with Alejandro Jodorowsky and Federico Fellini. The exhibition will also feature some of the most recent, rarely exposed, works, such as the series of illustrations inspired Shakespeare, and the tables created for the 250th anniversary of W. A. Mozart’s birth – and it is no coincidence that the latter will be exhibited in the Palazzo Pallavicini’s hall bearing the name of the Salzburg composer, in memory of the performance that Mozart held there in 1770.

The exhibition is a comprehensive journey into the career of a great artist and an invitation to get lost in the details of its original tables, to enjoy the magic of the drawings that no print can ever render on paper.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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