siena norciaThe terrible earthquake that struck Norcia on October 30, 2016, caused the collapse of the Basilica of St. Benedict, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Argentea and many of the churches in the surrounding area. Following the earthquake a lot of work has been done to secure the works of art of the whole territory.

The masterpieces are currently kept in the crypt under Siena’s cathedral, where they will be in an exhibition entitled “The wounded beauty. Norcia, Earth Heart Art Quake. Hope revives from the masterpieces of St. Benedict’s city”, until the first sad anniversary of the earthquake on October 30, 2017. The exhibition also includes a series of videos, given by the National Fire Corps, and photos from local photographers documenting the complex recovery and securing of the works of art following the earthquake.

The exhibition aims to raise awareness of the ‘wound’ that affected the population and its cultural heritage, but also to raise funds for restoration and support of these realities; with the advantage that the exhibition will have a very broad audience constituted by the significant Italian and international tourism flow that every day visits Siena. This means that many people will come into contact with the dramatic reality of the earthquake zone and with the strong civic pride of its inhabitants. Norcia, which is so intensely committed to a rebirth, now can also count on the alliance of the promoters and organizers of the exhibition who designated an economic contribution for the restoration and reconstruction.

Ilona Catani Scarlett

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